Kingdom Groups (Special Teams)

Kingdom Men Conference 2018

Kingdom Men’s Cave

For any M.A.N. who desires to 

  • Maximize his full potential for the Kingdom of God
  • Align himself with God’s will for his life to achieve maximum impact
  • Never give up

Kingdom Men meet at least once a month in a huddle format and via conference call.  In this group, Pastor Marlin challenges and equips men to GET FIT FOR THE KINGDOM.  He provides structured and interactive activities to uplift and empower members.  Pastor Marlin provides a safe place where men can dialogue about issues such as courage, bravery, making unselfish decisions, destiny (what the Bible says about man's leadership roles as a husband and as a single man), living at a higher standard, goals, dreams, self identity issues, healthy lifestyles practices, money management, the role of the provider, vision, spiritual authority, family culture, legacy, etc. 

Check the calendar for upcoming Kingdom Men (Kingdom Cave) huddles and events. 


Kingdom WOW Conference 2018

Kingdom Women of War (W.O.W.)

W.O.W. is for women who desire to strengthen their relationship with God, build relationships with other Kingdom Women, and be empowered to empower those around them. 

Kingdom Women meet at least once a month in a huddle format and via conference call.  In this group, Lady K encourages and equips women with the tools and resources that they need to continue to fight their daily battles.  She provides a safe space where women can dialogue about issues such as self identity, value, love for self and others, self care, meditation, being your sisters’ keeper (i.e. supporting your sister), growing in your spirituality as a Kingdom Woman, knowing when to fight and when to retreat, forgiveness, the misunderstood woman, goals, dreams, raising Kingdom Kidz, etc. 

Check the calendar for upcoming Kingdom W.O.W. huddles and events.  



Wives IMPACT is a Kingdom group specifically for wives.  As a Pastor’s Wife, Lady K realizes that there is a need for a safe space where wives can share their joys, challenges, pains, triumphs and wisdom. Kingdom Wives IMPACT will meet at least once a month in a huddle format.  Wives will come together to discuss the joys and challenges of being a wife, to provide support for one another (especially wives who are newly married), and to develop programs in the community to empower women locally and nationwide.  This group is meant for wives who are SERIOUS about empowering other women instead of tearing them down.  The group promotes self respect, respect for other women, honesty, transparency, encouragement, positivity, and LOVE.  For more information on Kingdom Wives IMPACT huddles or to join the group, please email Lady K at    


Kingdom Couples B.O.N.D.

B.O.N.D. stands for Building on New Direction.  Pastor Marlin and Lady K host Kingdom Couples B.O.N.D. Huddle every 2nd and 4th Monday from 6:30pm-8pm (MT).  This Huddle is for couples (married/engaged/dating/trying to figure it out) who need a safe space to discuss issues such as effective communication, trust, respect, time management, teamwork, conflict resolution, money management, compassion, love languages, and other relevant issues within their relationship.  We also B.O.N.D. by studying couples in the Bible (i.e. Abraham and Sarah, Mary and Joseph, Ruth and Boaz, Jacob and Rachel, Adam and Eve, etc.) to see how they navigated their love stories and to identify takeaways that we can implement in our relationships to be more pleasing in God’s sight. 


S.W.A.G. =Students Working to Achieve Greatness

  • The friENDZONE is a Kingdom Group for children ages 2-12 years old. Pastor Marlin, Lady K, and designated facilitators will provide a safe space where children will learn the basics (ABCs) of the Bible. The lessons provided will be fun, interactive, and age appropriate. Some of the topics that Kingdom Huddle will include in the friENDZONE curriculum include children's stories about Jesus, love, obedience (to God, parents, and teachers), teamwork, respect for God, respect for their parents, and respect for their friends.

  • The D.I.V.E. Zone is a Kingdom Group for teenagers ages 13-18 years old. D.I.V.E. stands for Discipleship, Influence, Victory, and Eternity. Pastor Marlin, Lady K, and designated facilitators will provide a safe space where teens will learn what discipleship is, how to positively influence their peers, how to be victorious (i.e. have a victorious mindset), and how to transform from an earthly mindset to a Kingdom mindset in preparation for eternity. The teens will also huddle to discuss relevant issues such as preparation for college, safe practices for use of social media, self esteem, acceptance issues among their age group, dating, etiquette, etc.

  • The Formation S.H.I.F.T. is a Kingdom Group for young adults ages 19-25 years old. S.H.I.F.T. stands for Service, Honor, Impact, Fight, and Train. Pastor Marlin, Lady K, and designated facilitators will provide a safe space where young adults will learn about serving others, honoring God, positively impacting the people who they come in contact, how to persevere to maximize their purpose in the Kingdom, and how to prepare for the next phase of their lives. The young adults will also huddle to discuss relevant issues such as career advancement, resume building, networking, dating, domestic violence, addictions, money management, etc.