The Kingdom Huddle Experience


We believe in the Trinity.  Teachings in Kingdom Huddle are based on the The Bible (gospel of Jesus Christ).  In the Huddle, God the Father is the Owner of the team.  He sees all.  He knows all. He’s everywhere at the same time.  He rules over everything.  He is the judge.  Jesus Christ, the Son, is the Defensive Coordinator. He is seated in Heavenly places and sees all.  He is our Savior and Deliverer.  He is our advocate.  The Holy Spirit is the Coach. He dwells among us on the field (on earth).  He guides us.  He is our Comforter. 

The Locker Room


The Locker Room is an opportunity for people to come together, in corporate praise and worship, to focus on who God is and thank Him for what He has done.  We call this, "Getting in the zone and preparing for the game." 



Practice is when we focus on, "Getting Fit For the Kingdom."  During this time, the person responsible for delivering the motivational word, sermon, or message will help people learn the plays necessary to positively transform.  Practice might be in person or via Kingdom Huddle's social media (i.e. Facebook Live).  Check Kingdom Huddle's website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find out when Practice is scheduled and where it will be held. 

The Huddle


The Huddle consists of a group of no more than 12 people per huddle.  The Huddle will discuss relevant issues that members would like to have information about, need spiritual guidance on, and/or would like to get involved in.  The goal of the huddle is to dialogue, reflect, and act.  Huddles last approximately 1-2 hours.  Check Kingdom Huddle's website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find out when Huddles are scheduled and where they will take place. 

Draft Day


Draft Days are designated as celebrations for those who have accepted Christ as their personal Lord & Savior.  These days are also for welcome and new member orientation for those who would like to join the Kingdom Huddle. 

Kingdom Koffee Chat